Age 5 with Super 8mm

Age 5 with Super 8mm

Josh Kletzkin

 I shoot. I cut. I produce. Intentionally.

 My interest in visual storytelling began at an early age. I honored the  50 feet (just under 3 minutes) of each Super 8 cartridge I could find;  later on, I wired two VHS machines together to create my first 'edit  room.' I went on to earn a BA in Film Studies from Wesleyan  University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence  College. 

 My work has screened at the Northwest Filmmakers Festival,  Rosebud, Reel Affirmations, and the Big Apple Film festivals. My  production resume includes programming for PBS, NBC, Nickelodeon,  MTV/2, VH1, The Weather Channel, FOX, and Bravo networks. I have  produced original branded content through NORTH agency for  Columbia Sportswear, Anchor Beer N.A., Stanley/PMI Brands, Focus  Features and Travel Oregon.

 I'm also a teacher of visual storytelling, with a focus on providing  multimedia literacy and production skills/access for traditionally  underrepresented communities. Working with the Media Institute for  Social Change (MISC) in Portland, OR, I guide young mediamakers  towards creating socially conscious, impactful multimedia content.

 I'm currently working on my second feature film, "Ourselves, Each  Other."

Sascha Paladino


When I was a kid, I saved up my Bar Mitzvah money and other gifts to buy my first video camera so I could make movies with my friends.  I still save up my money so I can make movies with my friends.  Most recently, I created “Miles From Tomorrowland,” an animated intergalactic adventure series currently airing on Disney Junior and around the world, as well as its offshoot, “Mission Force One.”  

I've been a writer and producer for children’s programs including “Doc McStuffins,” “Henry Hugglemonster,” “Ni Hao, Kai-lan,” “Wonder Pets,” and “Blue’s Clues.”  My documentary films include “Throw Down Your Heart,” about the American banjo player Béla Fleck's journey to Africa to explore the roots of the banjo.